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       三門峽三興工程材料有限公司坐落于舉世聞名的萬里黃河第一壩一三門峽,地處黃河之濱、天鵝之城,人杰地靈、交通便利、四通八達。 公司專業從事不定形耐火材料生產、耐火纖維生產、冶金爐窯機械化噴涂和工業爐窯開發制造,擁有專業的技術研發中心、生產基地和專業的施工團隊。公 司具有爐窯工程專業承包貳級資質,于2009年通過了ISO9001國際標準質量體系認證,并榮獲熱處理行業規范企業。
        公司的主要業務范圍:高爐本體、上升管、下降管、除塵器、熱風爐本體、熱風管道系統、燒結大煙道系統、白灰窯噴涂造襯、高爐壓 入灌漿;各種筋氣熱處理爐、加熱爐、蓄熱式加熱爐、電阻爐的設計和制造;硅酸侶耐火纖維系列產品生產以及耐火纖維噴涂施工等。在冶金爐窯機械化噴涂及不 定形耐火材料方面,我公司的噴涂裝備、科技配方,具有領先的生產工藝和核心技術。產品主要用于離爐的新建及檢修噴涂。近幾年在離爐壓入造襯、灌漿、自流 、澆注料濕法噴涂、澆注等方面有所創靳,達到了國內領先水平,得到客戶的普遍認可。在工業爐設計制造方面,我公司是國內較早從事蓄熱式加熱爐的生產廠家 之一,具有國內比較領先的熱式燃燒技術,專業從事蓄熱式加熱爐和熱處理爐節能技術的研究和開發,節能和環保指標均達到國內比較領先水平。在硅酸侶耐火纖維方 面,我公司的硅酸侶耐火纖維生產線具有領先的生產工藝和核心技術。公司生產的系列產品已彼蓋了國內三十多個省市、自治區并遠銷海外,產品廣泛應用于鋼鐵 、機械、有色、石油、化工、醫藥、食品、玻璃、陶瓷、建材、發電、焦化等領域。
        我們公司以“開拓創新、追求卓越”為指導,確保滿足不同客戶的專業需求,配有專業的售前技術咨詢和售后服務團隊,隨時關注客戶 的意見和需求,因此贏得了客戶的信任和支持。我們熱誠歡迎國內外客戶、朋友和專家前來考察和指導工作!
    Corporate Profile

        Sanmenxia Sanxing Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Sanmenxia City which is the first dam of the world famous Yellow River, and specializing in producing refractory fiber produatction and industrial furnaces. We have a professional technology R & D center, production base and the construction team and have passed the ISO9001 international standard quality system certification in 2009. Our company was also named to the heat treatment industry standard enterprise.
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        Our company's business philosophy: Scientific development and Technological innovation. It is our ultimate goal to meet customers needs and maximize their interests .

    he scope of our business is  to design and manufacture of  gas heat treatment furnace、furnace、regenerative furnace and the resistance furnace, to produce alumina-silicate refractory fibre products and refractory fiber spraying.
        Our company is one of the earliest manufacturers of the regenerative furnace in our country and has the most leading regenerative combustion technology .we specializes in the research and development of energy-saving technologies of regenerative heating furnace ,heat treatment furnace. The energy-saving and environmental indicators of our products have reached domestic leading level.   
        With a leading production technology and core technology , Our alumina-silicate refractory fibre production line has produced a series of alumina-silicate refractory fibre products which have covered more than 30 provinces 、autonomous regions in domestic and also have been exported to overseas . Our products are widely used in iron and steel, machinery, non-ferrous metals , petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, glass, ceramics, building materials, power generation, coking and other fields.

        We strive for excellence and have professional pre-sales technical consulting and after-sales service team to ensure meeting the professional needs from different customers . We works with our clients from the initial consultation through the installation, all the way to maintenance and repairs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
        No one can afford down time and industrial furnace company prides itself on the urgency of immediate service.Our crews are only a phone call away.If we’re not on the job by tomorrow, chances are ,we’re on the job today!
        Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers, friends and experts to visit our company!

    三門峽三興工程材料有限公司 0398-2513877  13903984356  ybs@smxsx.com   Copyright @2012-2023   備案號:豫ICP備13000862號-1

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